About Us

The year was 1946 when Jim Spivack, a Los Angeles gas station employee, decided he wanted to run his own business someday.  

He started small, selling car wash supplies out of the back of a station wagon parked in a West Los Angeles alley garage, but he didn’t stay put ­– or small – for very long.

Jim’s hustle and personality garnered him more and more customers from across the Southland, and soon he recognized an opportunity for growth.

He expanded his product line to include a variety of cleaning supplies, and in 1949, he opened a storefront on Robertson Boulevard, naming his venture “J&M Sales” after himself and his wife, Mary

Mary soon joined her husband at work, and the Spivacks, together with brother-in-law Cecil, increased their business significantly. Anchored by large accounts like Leonard’s Department Store and an unwavering commitment to customer service, the trio eventually outgrew their small space and bought a building on Venice Boulevard.

Son Gary Spivack was 23 and serving on a naval ship  in Vietnam when Jim suffered a heart attack in 1971. Gary rushed home to be with his family and keep the business afloat. Thankfully, Jim recovered, but Gary stayed to help his parents, joining J&M Sales as a fulltime employee.

While Jim and Mary have since passed away, and the business has since been renamed J&M Janitorial Supplies, their family legacy lives on in today’s team,. Gary, who inherited the business, sold it to Culver City native Steve Meepos in the early 1990s, but he still works in the shop to this day.

Under the exceptional guidance of General Manager Maria Rojas, J&M remains a business dedicated to providing personalized service and hands-on help. Maria retains the family feel by making sure all employees are trained in multiple aspects of company operations, and her enthusiastic commitment to teamwork translates into ensuring customers always receive the best possible service, price, and experience.

Today, J&M Janitorial Supplies resides at 4352 Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City and continues to provide the kind of personal touch only available from a true family-run business that has served the community for more than 73 years.